4 Picket Fence Style Inspirations for the Right Homey Appeal

Picket fencing styles hearken right back to those gone by homestead days when owners would use whatever materials they could find at hand. Be it a whitewash or wood; they would use it to construct a safety perimeter to conceal their property.

Nowadays, most fencing styles are synonymous to a home’s appeal and aesthetics, but that doesn’t mean the concept of picket fencing has completely gone out of existence.

In fact, now you may have plenty of options to pull off this type of fence for your front yard’s protection and privacy. Here’s a gander into 4 picket fence styles which you most certainly can try out for your property.

The Classical Picket Fence-

The first choice is and will always remain the classic picket fence consisting of a straight body and sharp pointy features at its top. In the old days, this was primarily meant to deter intruders and animals from climbing over to the other side.

If you’re an old fashioned person and believe this to be the right fence for your property, then you can go for a standard-sized one which is around 3-4 feet tall and 3-4 inches wide. As for the choice of material; you can opt for standard hardwood- like cedar or even pressurised hardwood.

Alternatively; you can even go for whitewash fences featuring a mix of powdered lime and water to seal it. Most modern-day picket fencing will come with primer and waterproofing paint treatments.

Look to sit down with our fencing and landscaping contractors serving Sutherland Shire to plan out everything best-suited to your property style.

Wider Styled Picket Fences-

If you feel that you need your fences to be a bit wider in dimension, then you can go for this next option, also known as a wide-styled picket fence. As opposed to the classical design, which is 3-4 inches; you can increase it to 6 inches in width for extra privacy and protection.

You can even customise it by varying the picket widths of each and yet traditionally placing them way to achieve a minimalistic appearance. If you have a modern house, then we believe this will be a good fencing choice for you as the emphasis moves mainly to the pickets’ geometry.

Curved Top Picket Fence-

Not wanting to go with the straight picket fence style? If so, then you can easily alter the panel’s top shape. This means you can curve the top and still maintain its standard height. The common options that you can go for include scalloped and arched. And both present a quality appearance- such as the curve of a swag curtain. The top arched appeal will mainly garner attention.

Elaborate Gothic Point or Curved Picket Fence-

Lastly, you can also alter picket points to resemble wrought iron finials. You can opt for either a curved gothic point or a curved one. These work wonderfully for ranch-styled houses, cottages or old Victorian era-styled mansions.

To achieve the right elaborate design; our fencing contractors in Sutherland Shire possess ample artistry, knowledge and experience to complement your property and keep it safe from unwanted entries.

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