choosing a pergola for your home garden

4 Points to Consider Before Choosing a Pergola For Your Home Garden

Pergolas add value to the gardens like nothing else. They go a long way in adding a visual treat to your home, and your garden. Besides maximising visual appeal, it also adds the resale value of the property in many ways.

Thus you see, pergolas these days add real aesthetic as well as materialistic value to properties. It is the main reason why more and more people opt for these structures these days, when it comes to restructuring or overhauling their home gardens. And this is reflected in the fact, that we at Leafylooks Landscapes Pty Ltd are getting more and more customers seeking quotes for pergola construction at their homes.

Now when it comes to constructing pergolas, you need to consider the following points.


the purpose

First and foremost, you need to ask yourself, what on earth, you need to have the pergola in your garden for. Do you really need it? Is it a bare necessity, or it’s just the luxury of changing the aesthetic appeal that you are looking for. Or is it because your next-door neighbour has it in his backyard. And you now want to follow suit. Trust me, some people think that way. This is not the right thinking, of course.

That is the reason when the very purpose is clear to you,the entire picture gets more distinct. You know the kind of structure you need, the space that will be required, the extent of shade you have to implement, and of course, the budget you will need.


the design and shape
Before hiring companies to set up pergolas in Sutherland as in any other place, this is one of the most important things that you need to consider. In fact, when a customer inquires about pergolas, our experts would discuss this with them, before anything else.

There are a number of factors that will determine the shape and design. Firstly, your aesthetic taste will be the prime factor that will determine the shape and design. The shape and size of your garden, the amount of outdoor space and privacy you need, will also decide the shape and size of the pergola.

There are so many shapes to choose from. You can opt for hexagonal, square, circular and rectangular pergolas depending upon the shape and size of the place where you intend to set it up, and of course your budget.

In case you are looking for an attached pergola, it’s better to refrain from using circular pergolas, as they will not fit in with the rest of your house properly. Semicircle, square and rectangular pergolas are best when it comes to choosing the attached variety.


the material
Though there are quite a few materials that can be used for pergolas, timber and aluminium are the best choices. That is why we are chiefly into timber and aluminium pergolas.

Timber: Timber will provide with a more organic or rustic look and feel to the pergolas. However, you need to regularly and adequately maintain the timber, if you are to save it from fungi, the ill-effects of moisture, or termites. Therefore, it is imperative to use quality wood coating and preservatives. That is precisely what we apply when we set up timber pergolas for our clients and advise them to continue applying them thereafter.

Aluminium: It is an extremely lightweight alloy of steel, which is easy to maintain. In fact, it is the most appropriate material to opt for, for homes at the seaside. Aluminium is resistant to the customary humidity and salty air of seaside locations. Timber is a bad choice in these places, as it will erode pretty quickly. For adding some extra protection, you can opt for powder-coated aluminium.

Therefore, the type of material you choose for your pergola depends very much on your location.


roofing and lighting
Last but not the least, when you summon the pergola and deck builders in Sutherland Shire or any other Aussie city, you need to discuss with them about the roofing and lighting of the pergola. Make sure that it provides adequate shade from rain and sun, but at the same time, ensure enough cross ventilation, to keep at bay any sense of stuffiness.

If you have plans to spend time under the pergola shades in the night (which most people does), then opt for adequate lighting as well, which will create an aesthetically rich and comforting ambience. Also, the roofing needs to be protective enough to protect the lights and circuits from external elements.

You need to plan adequate guttering to channel the rainwater out of the roof to ensure there is no seepage of water into the interior edge of the roof. It may not only affect the lighting circuits but may find its way back into the main building, affecting the exterior walls and the roof edges.

The key is to turn to a quality company like us. Indeed, when you put money on Leafylooks Landscapes Pty Ltd, we take into consideration all these aspects to make sure that the pergola we come up with not only meets your aesthetic preference but suits your needs and justify your investment.

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