5 mistakes to ward off while carrying out fencing service

5 Mistakes to Ward Off While Carrying out Fencing Service

People tend to underrate fencing, thinking it to be a cakewalk. They either do it themselves or hire inefficient fencing contractors to have the job done. That where they make the blunder. The reality is, fencing is a specialist’s job and the responsibility of fencing in Sutherland Shire like anywhere else, must be bestowed to a bunch of professionals who are not efficient, but also experienced enough to yield the best results. This is where we at Leafylooks Landscapes Pty Ltd comes in handy with years of experience and immense acumen that make a lot of difference.

Here on this page, let us discuss the 5 most common mistakes that our professionals are aware of while providing fencing solutions to our valued clients.

Not Placing the Fence Improperly

Placement of the fence in a proper way and the proper place is the most crucial step when it comes to building a fence. It is important to have your premise and the property assessed by a qualified construction surveyor. The professional will survey your premise and will meticulously demarcate your premise by drawing lines.

Your neighbours might have a different version in-store to convey regarding the demarcation line of your property. You need to keep the window of dialogue open, in that case, to settle things and eliminate any chance of dispute. When it comes to fencing construct is just inside the demarcation line that defines the boundary of your premise – not ON the line. In fact, that is what our experts offering fencing services in Sutherland Shire would do. Therefore, not taking these steps is a mistake to say the least. Avert it at any cost.

Positioning the Gate Improperly

You just cannot position the gate along with the fencing like anything. Gates are meant to facilitate movement in and out of your property. They are not set up to cause you trouble. Hence, if when it comes to positioning the gate, the sync of the gate with respect to the driveway has to be perfect. In other words, this should be determined by the direction of the traffic from in and out of the premise. The gate and its position should not determine the flow of traffic. The tr
ffic flow should also determine the type of gate your fence needs and which way will it open.

Another factor that should determine the positioning of the gate is the slide of the land. You must not position the gate at a place where it is a reverse slide of the land so that whenever it rains, water puddles create a mess at the entryway. Wrong positioning of the gate will create an immense mess that will ruin the very purpose of fencing and the look and feel of your property.

Using Shallow or undersized Fence Posts

Posts are the backbone of any fencing. The posts keep the fence panels standing upright. Therefore, the fence posts take on the brunt of the entire weight of the fence. That is the reason, if the posts are not big and strong enough or are not sunk deep enough into the ground, you have trouble in your hand. Invariably, the posts will give in with time taking the entire fencing with them.

That is the reason when summoned, our fencing experts will consider the height of the fencing panels and their dimension while deciding on the strength of the posts, the intervals at which they will be set up and the deepness they will be sunk into. Therefore, using shallow, undersized, and underweight posts is a fencing blunder.

Failing Fencing Panels or Posts

This is a very common mistake that can be avoided by hiring licenced fencing contractors in Sutherland Shire. One of the most frequent issues related to existing fencing is a failure. The posts buckle up or break with time. If you have a wooden fence, they turn vulnerable to insect, mould and termite infestation. The same thing happens with the panels as well.

And then, there is the issue of sagging. All these can very well be kept at bay if you walk the fence with the help of professionals periodically. Have your fence inspected regularly by the professionals for any sign of damage. If so, address and repair them immediately before they spiral out of hand.

Lack of Maintenance

This is another very common mistake that people commit. No matter how expensive your fence is, they remain exposed to the elements all throughout the air braving the elements. Thus, not taking care of them at least once a year is a mistake of enormous proportion.

Therefore, taking into account all these mistakes you need to put your stakes on seasoned Sutherland Shire fencing contractors. What better name can you opt for than Leafylooks Landscapes Pty Ltd? For further details, call us at 1300164595 during our office hours.