Retaining Wall

5 Signs that Say Your Retaining Wall Has to be Repaired

Retaining walls are tricky structures. A lot depends upon them and they control a lot of factors around, thereby turning out to be the focal point of the space that they occupy. In most cases, these retaining walls go a long way to add certain degrees of structural integrity to certain features of a particular space. Thus, their importance can never be ignored.

However, there are times when these retaining walls show certain signs that clearly say not all is good with the wall and it has to be repaired immediately.

Let us discuss the signs that tell you that it needs repairs and you are required to hire specialists who are into building and repairing retaining walls in Sutherland Shire or elsewhere, depending upon your location.

The Wall Shows Apparent Signs of Distress

Retaining walls are built to be strong. In particular, the ones that are meant for the outdoor landscapes are strong enough to withstand the rigours of nature year after year. However, at times these retaining walls show signs of wear and tear. There are signs that tell us that the wall is in distress.

The most common distressing signs on retaining walls include leaning of the entire structure, cracking, and bulging up of walls or segments. These are sure shot signs that the wall is losing its battle against the elements and it has to be either repaired or replaced altogether.

Poor Drainage

Poor drainage is another customary sign that says, it is time for the retaining wall to be overhauled. Remember, retaining walls have a pivotal role to play in enhancing the drainage system of your landscape. They help to channelise the water down in a proper way. However, when the basement of the wall goes for a toss, so does the drainage, calling for a repair or replacement of the retaining wall by reputed landscapers in Sutherland Shire.

Shallow Footing

If and when you find that the footing of the wall gets shallow, it will start leaning sooner or later. Thus, when this happens, you need to overhaul the wall or repair it.

The Wall Has Lost Its Purpose

Every retaining wall is erected in a landscape to serve some purpose or the other. Now, this may change with time. You may find that the purpose for which it was built has changed. Either the foliage it was supposed to support is dead now, or you have changed the getup of your landscape. When that happens you need to relocate the wall or at least have it refurbished to make it suit the new proposition. Hire the best landscape contractors in Sutherland Shire for the purpose.

The Wall Was Made of Poor Materials

If the wall does not seem to be long-lasting due to poor maintenance, you need to overhaul it as you can leave the wall like that for long.

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