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5 Telling Signs To Repair or Replace Your Existing Garden Fence

– For how long have you had to your garden fence?

– Do you find it not as functional as it was before?

– Importantly, are you planning to update your existing fence, even change it if needed?

If so, then LEAFYLOOKS LANDSCAPES PTY LTD- your trusted fencing contractors serving the whole of Sutherland Shire is more than willing to help you out.
We understand that whether you’re looking to improve the curb appeal of your properly or safeguarded from unwanted intrusion, your aim is to make your installed fences last for as long as they can. But sadly, with time and exposure to the external elements and harsh weather, your fences start showing signs of deterioration or damage.
Nothing lasts forever, not even sturdy wooden fences. So how do you identify those signs of wear and tear and repair/replace them in time?

Our fencing experts point out these 5 noticeable signs. Follow closely!

i. The Fence Boards Appear Damaged or Broken

If you clearly notice your fence boards showing signs of damage or cracks due to harsh weather exposure, then you should repair or replace them immediately. Broken or damaged fence boards threaten your property safely. Plus they also indicate that they don’t possess the same durability and resistance as before.

Choosing to delay will only make them susceptible to more damage, thus endangering the whole integrity and structure of your garden fence.

“Our experts can come over to your place and have them repaired or replaced as per your request within your estimated budget and time of convenience.”

ii. You Notice Your Fence Is Leaning

Do you notice your garden fence leaning to one side or sagging in certain parts?

If so, then that is another clear indication that it has passed its lifespan and needs to be updated. The issue can be fixed by replacing a few boards and reinforcing some of its nearby posts, but that is only a temporary solution.

The safest bet would be to replace the whole fence, more so if most of its wooden boards have rotted or worn out.

“You can convey your customised fencing requirements to our contractors and they will be happy to fulfil them exactly as you want. It’s what we have been doing for years all across Sutherland Shire, and it’s what we vouch to do for you as well!”

iii. There Is Evidence of Insect Damage

Another problem with old wooden fences is that they are very prone to insect damage. These insects can deplete the strength, durability and quality of the fence boards making it more susceptible to a breakdown.

You can identify insect damage by looking for small holes, bores or gnaws in your fence boards. And if you come across any of these signs, then without thinking twice, remove those boards.

“Our experts will resolve this issue by removing the insect-infected boards and install a new fence with guaranteed weather –resistance, durability and longevity.”
iv. You Notice Rusting or Missing Parts

When inspecting your fence boards; do you come across any rusted or missing parts?

Again if the answer is yes, then that is a clear indication to replace your existing fence boards. Those loose connections in-between boards indicate your present fence is weak and in time will only become a property and safety hazard.

It can collapse anytime or anyone from your house can step on the rusted parts and get hurt. No way do you want to take that chance.

“To ensure that such accidents never happen, look to solve the issue completely by hiring our fencing experts and install a new fence.”

v. Your Garden Fence Is Discolouring

This is probably the easiest indication to know that your existing fence has served its purpose and needs replacing. Leaving it as it is will only allow it to lose its colour over time and require frequent maintenances.

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