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Avoid These Mistakes While Fencing in Sutherland Shire

Avoid These Mistakes While Fencing in Sutherland Shire

Many common mistakes that are made while fencing. These are made either due to lack of knowledge or by employing people who do not have the necessary experience. So, let us see how these can be avoided to save time and money.

The Fencing Location

This is a common problem and it happens due to lack of planning. After spendinga lot of time into the jobyou realize that the fencing or the gate is not convenient. So, before starting the fencing project make sure that the location is perfect. If you are having troubles in figuring it out, you can consult some fencing contractors in Sutherland Shire who can make the job easier for you.

The contractors will determine where exactly you need your gates and for what purposes will they be used. Identifying the location is also important because after the gate posts are constructed it becomes diffciult to move them and it might also cost you time and money.

Spacing of the Posts

Placing the posts in the correct areas is important because if there are wide gaps in between each post, an animal might escape or crawl in. This however does not mean that you will need to place the posts close to each other, because then you might run into problems of setting up the fence properly.
Correct spacing requires using the correct wires. If you are going for electric fencing posts, you can place the posts further to each other and if you want a woven wire fence you can reduce the spacing between the posts.

Securing the Corner Posts

To protect the integrity of a fence, securing the corner posts is very important. These posts need to withstand a lot of the pressure for which you need to secure them to the ground and use braces or anchors for support during their construction. While fencing in Sutherland Share this technique is followed so that the posts do not snap under pressure.

Checking for Underground Cables or Accessories

Before you begin the process of fencing, it is important to survey the underground to check for any utilities that might be present for example cables that connect the internet, electrical wires, etc. The reason behind this is if any of the utilities are present and if they go down, repairmen will need to dig the area and if your fencing is over the utilities, they will need to disassemble that too. To avoid this mishap contact a surveyor who inspects the area to detect any underground utilities.

Maintaining the Property Lines

Before beginning the fencing, it is essential to maintain the property lines. Incorrect fencing can raise disputes and can be subject to legal contests later on. In certain circumstances, you can also be fined for fencing in someone else’s property. To avoid this problem you can also contact a surveyor who will tell you the area where you can safely put a fence.

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