Tight Access Excavation

A Brief Account of Horizontal Directional Drilling in Tight Access Excavation

Before we get to the thick of the topic, let us discuss what Horizontal Directional Drilling or HDD is? It is a steerable, trenchless mechanism of installation of underground utilities with the use of a surface-launched drilling rig, causing minimal impact on the surrounding area. This is one of the most effective methods, used in tight access excavation.

HDD is the most effective way of excavation that is practiced by excavation specialists in Sutherland Shire in places where trenching and conventional excavation is not feasible due to lack of enough maneuverable space. This particular type of drilling is applicable for a wide range of soil conditions and it is applied in the construction of roads and river crossing, landscaping,

When Do the Experts Consider This Technology?

This particular type of excavation technique is generally considered under the following circumstances within a confined excavation space:

  • When the pipes have to be installed at the depth of 5 ft or deeper
  • When the pipe has to be installed underneath the water table=
  • When the soil is unstable
  • When the underground of the excavation site is congested with a lot of other subsurface utilities
  • When the installation is being done in congested urban areas with little excavation site for maneuverability
  • When the installation is being carried out under a roadway, a river, or a railway with minimum maneuverability
  • When the installation is being done in a thickly congested residential area.

What Advantage That It Has Over the Conventional Methods?

This is basically a trenchless technology used by the excavation specialists in Sutherland Shire and comes with a wide range of advantages, which set it apart from the traditional methods.

This particular type of installation is carried in case of the following conditions:

  • It helps in the installation of underground utilities, which causes minimum disruption of surface activities – more so when the scope of maneuverability is restricted.
  •  It is a relatively more cost-effective method than the conventional methods and comes up with a greater installation depth.
  • It helps in deeper installation, and installation in restricted places, with minimal chance of any damage to the existing sub-surface utilities.
  • Since it is all about excavation in a restricted place, it involves lesser number of equipment, lesser manpower, as well as the lesser need for fuel for per meter installation.
  • It also cuts down the excavation cost and other costs that are otherwise needed to overcome the closure of roads and thoroughfares.

The Precautions That the Excavation Experts Take Why Carrying Out the HDD Method

While unloading the drill within that confined space, the professional excavators in Sutherland Shire will take certain evasive measures.

  • They will be extremely careful when it comes to the transportation of the machines
  • They will put up highly visible warning cones around the trailer and the truck, along with other traffic control and safety devices to put away unaithorised personnel off the site.
  • They will not upload any machine at the proper site, as it will block the already restricted maneuverable space much more.

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