Excavation Safety

Excavation Safety Dos and Don’ts Which You Must Be Aware Of

There are many things that need to be done at the time of construction of a new building from buying the raw materials to digging the ground & hiring the labourers – the list goes on. But one of the most important things which need to be done safely is an excavation in Sutherland Shire. You need to be cautious. There are some safety tips which you must follow to avoid any kind of issue which you might face.

It has been seen that when people don’t follow the safety procedure during constructing a building or renovation they often face issues. Either the works get delayed, the project gets halted or accidents happen. So it becomes crucial to know and understand the safety measures which you must take at the time of managing any kind of construction project.

Things to Follow

  • You must have permission from the authorities to start the project.
  • The next thing which you need to do is prepare yourself well in advance. Make sure that you have everything so that the projects get started and completed on time.
  • There is a need to keep clearance between the powered tools and machines and underground utilities.
  • It is important to protect the coloured coded markings, till you don’t need them further.
  • In case the markings are destroyed you should call for a remark.
  • Make sure that there are other workers on the site other than the machine operator who can look for an indication of below the surface facility during unearthing.
  • You must conduct the excavation process carefully. Any kind of minor or major mistake can lead to a big problem.
  • Hiring the experts who offer tight access excavation in Sutherland Shire is the best thing which you can do.
  • Having emergency contact numbers is also important such as fire, hospitals, law enforcement, utilities, etc.
  • Always refuel the excavator machine before starting the work.

Things to Avoid

  • You should never start the project without getting a permit from the local authorities.
  • The use of iron tools is only permitted with non-conductive handles, otherwise not.
  • Crossing in a barricaded area is restricted if you don’t take the safety measures and right precautions.
  •  Keep all those people away from the construction site who are of no use. This means if they are not workers then there is no need for them to stand and see what is happening. The fewer crowds you will have the better for you and the workers.
  •  You must never leave the excavator machine engine on if there is no need.

While there are many things which you need to do and understand. It is better to hire the professionals of a reputed company that offer a great tight access excavation in Sutherland Shire. This is a smart thing to do. In this way, you will save your time, money and effort. Getting the best possible result is only possible if you have the support of experts.

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