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Hardscaping – One of the Most Happening Landscaping Trends in 2020

Hardscaping is the new in-thing in 2020 that the professional landscapers are turning to. Structurally, hardscaping is all about aligning with a broader shift towards low-water planting coupled with eco-friendly landscape design. Over the last few years, hardscaping has added a new dimension to the landscaping concepts, and this year has seen professional landscape contractors in Sutherland Shire come up with some astounding designs that only made the concept of landscaping aesthetically richer and more effective.

What Hardscaping is All About?

Well, the concept is not rare – people have seen it without realising that they are looking at a hardscaped lawn. Some of the common features include stone terraces and pathways, gravel paths zen gardens, wooden decks, and pergolas are all common features of hardscaping.

Some of the Most Happening Hardscaping Trends in 2020

  • Fire Features
  • Intricate hardscaping patterns with geometric shapes with even the walkways designed keeping in mind geometric patterns that add a new overall look and feel to the garden
  • Outdoor living rooms, seamlessly attached to the landscaping so that the landscape appears as an extension of the living room – not a distinctive zone
  • Use of sustainable eco-friendly construction products
  • Low water landscaping in the arid places, wherever application, aesthetically or otherwise
  • Smart irrigation technique, which can be controlled remotely via mobile apps

Why is Hardscaping So Popular?

Well, the last two points that have been discussed tell us why people are shifting more and more towards this type of landscaping. Besides convenience and money-saving character, this particular style of landscaping facilitates a merger of remote sensing technology in the world of landscaping and that goes a long way in making homes and properties smarter. This is one of the principal reasons why companies that are into landscape construction businesses in Sutherland shire are flooding with inquiries about this new concept. We at Leafylooks Landscapes Pty Ltd are no exception.

Why This Change in Concept?

Well, this has also a significant role to play in this paradigm shift. People are becoming more and more concerned about climate change and water conservation, thanks to the rise in general awareness about global warming. This has permeated to every nook and cranny of Australia and Sutherland shire is no different. Traditional landscaping designs are now considered as a major source of water source drainage.

They also consume a fair amount of electrical energy and fuel as well as fertilisers for maintenance. Thus, in order to make amends on this front and minimise the consumption of resources people are tilting more and more toward hardscaping that are all about low water plantation and more hard surface landscaping with rocks and other low maintenance materials. Moreover, the fact that all these elements survive extreme and varying weather conditions sans considerable maintenance speaks for this new style of landscaping as well.

Costs and Advantages

The initial investment of hardscaping is moderately high, to be frank. That is what the professional landscapers near Sutherland shire or elsewhere would suggest. However, this initial investment is mitigated by the fact that this form of landscaping needs minimal maintenance and refurbishing. To be frank, this form of landscaping:

  • Does not need regular landscaping
  • Does not need regular and comprehensive watering
  • Will not be affected due to extreme weather conditions of inclement weather
  • Does not need much replanting in every season
  • Will lower your water and power bill significantly.

Therefore, for a property owner, the low maintenance aspects of hardscaping are one of the most unique selling points. This is the reason, every professional landscaper in Sutherland shire is receiving more and more inquiries about hardscaping. We at Leafylooks Landscapes Pty Ltd are no different. If you have any inquiry please feel free to call us at 1300164595 during our office hours.