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Hardware needed for Building a Pergola on a Raised Deck – An Expert’s View

There are various types and styles of pergolas that you set up on the raised deck at your home. Each of them comes with unique features and aesthetic properties, adding a great value to your property. Regardless of the type of pergolas, you are willing to set up the deck, their construction demands certain specific techniques to be followed.

That is the reason, you must put stakes on a qualified company when it comes to building a pergola on a raised deck at your Sutherland Shire home. Of all these companies, Leafylooks Landscapes Pty Ltd is the one whom you can put stakes on, much because of our experience and the reputation, which it has gathered over years due to a perfect and professional approach that has been our ethics since the start of our business venture.

Deck Builders Sutherland Shire
Deck Builders Sutherland Shire

On this page, we discuss the techniques of setting these types of pergolas.

The hardware…

Here are the pieces of hardware that we would need to have these pergolas set up.

Post Bases: 

Structurally, a pergola would need a minimum of four support poles, which will connect firmly to the deck, unless the structure in question is not going to be a wall-leaning pergola, which is more on the complex side. To affix these four poles to the raised deck, you will need post bases, which will hold the weight of the entire structure. On the other hand, as the pergola is going to be set up atop the raised deck, the hardware will be visible.

Of course, there are ways to conceal the hardware, but it will take some extra time, work, and money. That means, when it comes to setting up pergolas in Sutherland Shire on raised decks, you can choose between the ones that are designed to show up the hardware, and the ones that will conceal them. Now, if you opt for the one that reveals the hardware, going for the ones with the typical silver colour painted industrial styled galvanised metals will be a better choice.

Lags or timber bolts: 

Then you will need to use those timber bolts, which are designed to affix wooden frames, if and when you are setting up a top frame, which will create the roof of your pergola. Now, we would suggest you for the best ones, even if it is all about choosing something as basic as these bolts. These bolts are specifically designed to hide their ends inside the beam they are attached to, as these bolts work inside out. Because of this, you are spared of the need to trim off the bolt ends. Besides, these bolts also come up with an anti-corrosion black coating, which helps them brave the elements.

Post for the Support: 

Other than the bolts, you will also need hardware, which will connect the posts firmly to the structure beams, which will create the shape of the top or the roof of the pergola. This structure plays the crucial role of holding the pergola right in place in heavy winds or severe storms.

pergolas builders sutherland shire
pergolas builders sutherland shire

So you see, all these high-quality hardware will go a long way in creating a pergola on a raised deck. As one of the best pergolas builders in Sutherland Shire, we at Leafylooks Landscapes Pty LTD come up with the best hardware to ensure that the structure we set up for you is the strongest that you can have. For further details, call us at 1300164595.