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How to Build a Fence on the Top of Retaining Walls

Building a fence on the top or behind the retaining wall is quite an attractive thing to do. Landscape developers are often asked nowadays whether it is feasible to build fence or railings on the retaining walls or not. And in this content, we have compiled the factors to support such landscaping idea.

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What’s a Retaining Wall and How Fence Post on the Top of It?

Retaining walls are the structures that are built using different materials to guard the soil behind it. It is either to protect the land from erosion or to form a land specifically designed for beautification.

Though there are a number of material being used to build retaining walls, retaining wall builders in Sutherland Shire advise to choose a material that can resist the weather elements. Next to it, have your fence post pass through your wall blocks and secure them with concrete.

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Sart With the Project:

When it comes building the fence on top of retaining walls, you have to consider a number of factors as mentioned below-

Required Approval of Council:

Before you start a wall project on your yard, it is imperative to be compliant with the building approval. For any type of excavation of land, it requires council approval. If you have built retaining wall before, then you must know how it works. But, if it is your first time, then you have to check with your local council. The general difference in the ground level must be measured accordingly. For example, If you are planning to build “tiered” retaining wall, the difference from the ground level must be less than one meter.

Notice to the Neighbouring or Land Owners

It is necessary to give notice to your neighbour. Since you expect the same from them that they won’t start constructing something without telling you, right? It may affect the land that your neighbours are using. Even if you don’t need the council’s approval, inform the neighbours with proper notice.

Type of Notice: 

The notice will clearly state the intention to perform the work as well as the nature of the work to be done. It must be given at least 28 days prior to starting the project.

Type of Work That Can Affect the Neighbouring Land:

People get confused with the type of work that may affect the neighbouring land. Well, landscape design in Sydney with 600mm of filling can affect neighbour’s land. This also includes excavation that extends the excavation downwards with 600mm slope below the ground level.

Failing to Give Notice:

If you fail to notify the neighbour and start building the fence, your neighbour will get the right to file a complaint against it.

Installing fence post on the top of the wall block is one of challenging fence installation task. You may search across Google asking “landscape designer near Sutherland Shire” to analyse your existing retaining wall before the fence installation. If the wall has a height of 200–400mm, then the fence can be built directly on the top of the wall. And, remember these factors as discussed above to plan carefully and produce a better result.