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How to Choose a Deck Style That Will Suit Your Backyard?

Both the decks and porches are the two most preferred things to the homeowners and homebuyers. Decks help to increase the efficiency of home outdoor by maximising your living space. Whether you’re a party animal or looking for some relaxing outdoor space for personal use, adding a deck space can do much more to your outdoor space. Based on the sizes, materials, there are some wide range of styles for decks you can decide-

  • Complementary Style:

    When it comes to complementing the rest of your home, seek for a style that has clean lines, a mixture of low-maintenance decking materials with steel cable railings.

Moreover, you have to look at some features that your home already has. The shape, lines of your home, footprint and the size of exterior cladding, as well as where the should deck be positioned. For example, installing a deck wrapped around one corner of your home that is might not be levelled. Such decks should be extended at the right with the matching colour of the stain. Match with the colour of your shutters, shingles, and siding or the front door.

  • Roofline:

    To a lot of homeowners, the roofline of their home is extended over the deck. In some cases, you can also screen off this section by making the deck more accessible during a rainy or sunny day. So, if you’re planning for full home renovation including the deck section, it’s probably the best time to do. Our decks and pergola builders in Sutherland Shire even suggest matching architectural roofing shingles than using a single lot to match the colours later.

  • Deck Accessories:

    Without accessories, the installation of your deck won’t get a complete look. It includes little things that aren’t necessary, but can add fun factors.

  • Planters along the railing.
  • Built-in seating and storage.
  • Sliding off the deck for children.
  • Secure the decks for pets and children.

Even if these items are not big or unique to impact the look of your deck, They actually can impact in a way how the deck looks and performs. Building them at the initial level of your building construction can help you to match the style than adding later.

  • Lifestyle:

    Your lifestyle and what you’re planning about your construction impact the style of your deck. If you think the deck is your entertainment area, built-in benches and shaded pergola can enhance the functionality of the deck. With privacy railings, you can relax out of sight of your neighbour.

While concluding here, we suggest not to forget the decking material and its impact on how you use the space. For example, many materials get super heated in summer, and if the deck is close to or connects your pool, then maintenance-free deck (composite decking) will be beneficial for you.

So, take time to think hard, and you can consult with our professionals to find how the rest of your yard looks and performs while getting the deck correctly utilised.