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How To Know If I Need A Retaining Wall For My Property?

Everyone has heard horror stories about numerous property owners watching their investment wash away. Soil erosion caused due to rainwater flow, and storm drains can cause tremendous damage to the entire property.

In response to the extreme weather conditions and increasing waterways, you should add a durable and well constructed retaining wall to safeguard your precious property. In fact, many homeowners believe it to be a must in homes existing at the base of hill or incline slope.

Digging Deeper Into Why You Need Retaining Walls?

You may not notice most of the times, but having a well-constructed retaining wall offers impressive durability, functionality, and even aesthetic beauty!

Moreover, a properly constructed retaining wall also offers superior additional support to the architectural items on your property such as your driveway, patio or even your shed. It prevents the land underneath from sliding downhill, and from the physical perspective these walls also counter the gravitational forces of a sloping property and lend extra stability to the soil underneath!

Well-constructed retaining walls also slow down the water run-offs from your property and safeguard your yard from floods during a heavy down-pour. By creating a flat area, it breaks the momentum of the water flow that otherwise would run straight down the slope.

So, having a retaining wall provides lots of benefits to your property. But one common question that many homeowners ask is:- How do you know whether you need a retaining wall?

It’s simple- You Need To Look Into These Common Signs:-

If you think that erosion of the hill circling your home can influence the overall foundation of your home/property, then that is one clear sign that you should add a retaining wall to your property. This is more so if you find your old retaining walls worn out and in need of re-construction!

If your home is present at the base of either a steep incline or a hill, then to avoid further complications such as an unstable soil or property foundation; you must add a retaining wall construction.

If you are looking to maximise your landscape space by adding a sitting area; you can re-define the area and install seats with a strong retaining wall construction!

If your property has a history of soil erosion issues, then you can add a proper retaining wall to channel the rainwater flow around your property and prevent the issue once and for all.

Get Quality & Structurally Sound Retaining Walls For Your Property:-

“Leafylooks Landscapes Pty Ltd”; offers you a wide range of retaining walls in Sutherland Shire within your budget. Having a diligent and highly competent team of builders; we cover all residential, commercial and strata construction schemes as per our client’s requirements.

Our team offers you a wide variety of retaining wall constructions including:-

Modular retaining wall systems.
Decorative concrete sleeper retaining wall systems.
Sandstone block retaining wall constructions.

Proper treated pine sleeper retaining wall structures with the use of quality galvanised steel or timber posts.
And core-filled blockwork decorative or keyed blockwork retaining wall plans (both with or without the use of brickwork systems).

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