keeping your landscape green all summer long

Keeping Your Landscape Green All Summer Long- Experts’ Suggested Tips!

Healthy looking gardens and lawns tend to save water and stay green and aesthetically pleasing for longer periods. And having one such lush green garden space is every gardener’s dream!

But during those dry months, it can be a challenge. What works here- are good organic practices to keep everything thriving and green. You can do that by appropriate soiling, proper planning and key amendments such as pruning and mowing.

To keeping your garden or lawn green all summer long, here are more recommended tips to follow.

Let’s Begin!

1. The whole point of watering your landscape is to ensure they conserve water properly. For better results, opt for drip irrigation which is 90%-95% effective in providing water (in sharp contrary to sprinklers which is 70% effective). Alternatively; you can manually water your plants using a hose and possibly spot pests and disease when you water.

Do keep in mind the amount of water which you provide to your lawn. Most grasses need 1.5 -2.5 inches of moisture every week depending on the size of the lawn/garden.

If your garden consists of sandy soil apply less water every 2-3 days.

  • For loamy soil- water the soil every 3-5 days.
  • And if you have a clay soil which needs a deeper and more thorough application, water it every 5-7 days repeatedly!

2. Look to add native-drought resistant plants! With that, also adopt xeriscape landscaping which primarily focuses on low-water use-plants and sustainability. Xeriscape gardening helps reduce the need for supplemental water from irrigation.

Here Are A Few Perks of Xeriscape Gardening:-

Other than occasional weeding and mulching, xeriscape needs very less time and effort for maintenance.

It helps reduce waste and pollution. And ensures less use of fertilisers (phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium) that reduce harmful algae.

Xeriscape will also allow taking full advantage of rainwater retention

3.Use compost to help the soil retain moisture, and organic fertilisers to add valuable microbes. This will ensure all the plants have micro and macronutrients to withstand dry, hot spells.

4.Frequently mulch your landscape plants to allow better water retention. Also encourage microbes, worms and other organisms which on decay adds black organic material and keeps the soil fertile. Also look to prune your trees and shrubs by keeping them well-spaced, airy, untangled and stress-free during those dry heat periods.

5.You can add colour to your lawn or garden by adding flowers and plants having longer blooming periods. Apt options include- Geraniums, Begonias, Impatiens. A better option would be to mix and match plants/flowers which bloom at different seasons for better sustainability.

6.Look to encourage vigorous, deep root growth by providing proper conditions which stimulate growth. And you can do that by composting, aerating, watering and mowing to proper heights.

7.Don’t cut the grass short and too early in the season. It can hamper the health of your lawn. Having long spears of grass help increase water retention and photosynthesis. Longer grass also keeps the soil cool and inhibits weed seed germination.

8. As for your use of fertiliser, apply it to your lawn every 4-6 weeks. And when picking fertilisers, always go for organic ones that deliver nitrogen needed for the grasses to stay green and healthy.

Furthermore, properly fertilising your lawn/garden guarantees healthy root development, prevents browning and also allows them to make the most of its retained water.

9.To avoid soil compaction, regularly aerate your lawn/garden. Aeration deciphers as a type of root prune which helps stimulates appropriate growth.

These are some experts’ suggested tips to keep your garden/lawn green and healthy all through this coming Summer season.

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