Retaining Walls Sutherland Shire
Retaining Walls
Sutherland Shire

Retaining Walls in Sutherland Shire for Quality & Structural Soundness

At Leafylooks Landscapes we believe simply that if you are going to build something you build it right the first time and retaining walls are something that really need to be built right. Quality & structural soundness equals peace of mind and it’s something our team prides itself on.

We offer a full range of retaining systems including:

  • Treated pine sleeper retaining walls systems with galvanised steel or timber posts
  • Concrete and decorative concrete sleeper retaining wall systems
  • Keyed Blockwork or Core-filled blockwork decorative or plain retaining walls systems (with or without brickwork veneer)
  • Sandstone block retaining walls
  • Modular wall retaining wall systems
Our wide range of capabilities ensures that we are able to satisfy our clients’ needs with respect to their particular situation and construct a suitable system which will continue to deliver for the full extent of its projected life span.

Our trained & dedicated team ensure a high level of competence throughout the entire project and construction process including excavation, construction, drainage and backfill. All members of our team are fully licensed and insured.

We cater for everyone including residential, commercial and Strata Schemes – no project is to big or too small.

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