Fence Problems and How Contractors Solve Them

Some Common Fence Problems and How Contractors Solve Them

Fencing helps secure properties. However, while their installation; the contractors might face several problems that they have to solve. The same applies even when the installation is over because if you notice mould growth on their surface and want to get them removed, you will need to call the contractors.

So, if you are in Sutherland Shire and planning to install fences around your property, this discussion will help you to learn more about the problems. Similarly, if you have fences installed already and experience structural or related issues, learn how the contractors will solve them.

Damage Caused by Insects

Since fences are made up of wood, insects can damage the surface and it is commonplace for not just fences but other wooden items as well. So, if you are planning to get fences installed, fencing contractors in Sutherland Shire recommend that it’s better to go for the ones that are made with pressure-treated wood or cedar since they are more resistant to pests damages.

On the other hand, if you have fences installed and you notice termite damages, the only solution is to get them replaced by calling contractors. They will arrive at your location and spray pesticides and replace the ones that are badly damaged.

Stains on the Surface of the Fences

Another common problem is stains on the surface of the fences and can be found on the ones made of wood and vinyl.
To remove them, the contractors use a pressure washer. But if they are not prominent, they wash them off using normal detergents such as soap and water. However, they might use stronger solutions for stains that are hard to remove.

Installation Problems

The landscape contractors in Sutherland Shire will face different types of problems while installing the fences. Of them, a common one includes hard soil where the post holes cannot be set deep enough. On the other hand, even if the ground is soft, contractors cannot make the post holes too deep to prevent utility lines damage.

As a solution, therefore, the contractors install a stepped design that bears a slope of the ground. With that, they also leave a gap at the bottom of the fence. Besides, they also inform the utility companies before digging the holes or excavating so that they do the needful.

With that, they will also ask you whether you have an irrigation system because it will help them to dig and excavate without damaging the pipes under the soil.

Fallen or Leaning Posts

The entire fence or parts of it can fall off or lean due to natural occurrences such as unstable soil conditions, strong winds, impacts or weak posts.

This problem is particularly noticed mainly after the fences are installed. Anyway, when you call the instructors they will reinstall the fallen posts. However, if parts of your fences are damaged, the fencing and landscaping professionals in Sutherland Shire will have to replace those parts or the entire fence.

However, to prevent these types of problems you will need to call the contractors a few times a year and get your fences checked.

In the inspection, they will not only check the fences but also soil issues if any. And if they indeed find weak soil, they might put gravel or stones around your fence to protect them from falling.

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