The Law of Landscaping to Follow – for the Best Results

Landscaping is a complex job – by all means! Only the best names in the market will excel in it. Thus, if you are to invest for landscaping do not look for any name other than the very best one. Why don’t you look for Leafylooks Landscapes Pty Ltd? We are one of those names who stick to the basics of landscaping, and that is what makes us one the most celebrated names in landscaping in Sutherland Shire. Indeed, we are one of the most trustworthy companies in landscaping, and this is because we stick to the following thumb rules religiously.

Obeying the Rule of Significant Enclosure

obeying the rule of significant enclosure

Indeed, it is not just a thumb rule but the very law of landscaping, ignoring which is not just a mistake, but a CRIME!!! The rule addresses the very root concept of gardening – that is ‘enclosure’!! This is absolutely critical when it comes to creating a tinge of refuge and a feeling of getting within Mother Nature’s embrace!

The law of significant enclosure propagates the fact that we get the feeling of enclosure when the vertical limit or the edge of an enclosed place is at least one-third of its horizontal dimension. This rule is in all probability derived from behavioural psychology, which explains the sense of safety and security resulting from a physical embrace or enclosure, while defining interpersonal and behavioural relationships. The rule that applies to define the relationship between two individuals is applicable in explaining the bondage between nature and human being as well.

Following the Regulating Line

following the regulating line

This is based on an idea where the element of architecture (like a doorway, or a window mullion or even a building edge) or a distinctive landscape (like a prominent tree or a swimming pool or a property boundary or fencing in Sutherland Shire is able to generate an imaginary boundary or line, which helps connecting and organising the overall landscaping design, helping it with a definite shape and size.

Using the Golden Rectangle for Perfecting the Proportions

golden rectangle for perfecting the proportions
Certain rules help to refine the landscaping designs. One very important of these is the Golden Ratio. It is the ratio of proportion that was followed while constructing the Pyramids of Egypt and is pertinent even in modern-day landscaping.

The practical application that is followed for creating the Golden Ratio involves creating a Golden Rectangle, in which the ratio of shorter and longer sides of the landscaping equals to the ratio of the longer side and the sum of the longer and shorter sides. This ratio is used to the tune of 1:1:6 proportions, while laying out terraces, arbours, patios and lawns that are integral parts of modern-day landscape design in Sutherland Shire like in any other place.

Size does Matter…

size does matter
Take no offence..please!! But it applies to landscaping as well! In fact, it is the final rule related to scaling and sculping of the landscaping space. GO BIG – as much as possible! That’s what the pundits would say! If you are caught in the dilemma of creating a staircase narrower or wider, a swimming pool shorter or longer, a pergola lower or higher, the answer will always be wider, longer and higher…undoubtedly! They will support the landscaping like nothing else.

If these are the elementary rules to take note of before starting the landscaping, there are other rules to follow as well, to give the concept a real meaning and a high flying spirit! Planting bigger and then moving gradually to smaller, planting in masses, but keeping the characters of the plants and their growth in mind, are some of them. Admittedly, maintaining all these technical details will give a resounding character to the landscaping, setting the tone for true aesthetic excellence that you are looking for!

That’s where names like Leafylooks Landscapes Pty Ltd make all the difference! So if you are to put money on us and justify your investment, call us at 1300164595.