Retaining Wall

Things You Need To Do Before Building Fence on Top of A Retaining Wall

Are you looking forward to building a fence atop your retaining wall? Yes, in us, you will find some of the best fencing contractors in Sutherland Shire, with the expertise to come up with the project in a seamless fashion. But before that you have tasks cut out. There are certain formalities that you must fulfill to make sure you do not find yourself in a legal ditch.

What Actually Setting Up a Fence on a Retaining Wall Means?

Retaining Walls are set up to safeguard the soil that lays behind it. In fact, it acts as a barrier to the soil, preventing it from eroding. Besides, these structures also have a pivotal role to play in the beautification of the landscapes, often playing the role of a focal point for the landscape.

Though you will find a number of materials that can be used for building retaining walls, our experts at Leafylooks Landscapes Pty Ltd would advise you to choose something as a material, which can be stubborn enough to brave the elements.

Things you must consider before getting on with the project….

Before you get on with the project, you must consider a few things.

An Approval From the Local Council

The first and foremost thing that you seek is a formal approval for the project from the local authorities. Prior to conducting any type of excavation work, you must need the approval from the local council. If you have gone through all these then you are a seasoned player. Otherwise, if you are planning it for the first time, you need to check things out with the local council of the area of your residence. The ground level has to be measured in accordance with the permissible limit. For instance, if you are planning to build a tiered retaining wall by setting up a fence on top of your retaining wall in a Sutherland Shire property, there has to be a specific gap between the base of the face and the ground level.

You Must Serve a Notice to Your Neighbours

Thi is another MUST TAKE step that you will have to take. You must serve a notice to your neighbours, stating clearly your intention and the purpose of the project. This is because the project might cause a fair amount of activity of technicians, a bit of hustle that might raise their curiosity. Thus, making them well aware of things well ahead is the best step to take. It will also make them assured that you are not planning anything that will cause any inconvenience to them, or it will not clash with their interest. Even if you do not need any approval from the local council, serving notice to the neighbours is a MUST when it comes to setting up a fence on top of the retaining wall in Sydney or elsewhere around.

The notice to be served to your neighbours and the local council must clearly state your intention behind the project along with the specific type of work that will be done and the time the project will take to complete. The notice must be served at least 28 days before the start of the project.

So you see, there is a lot to be done before you can go ahead with the project. For further details and further assistance and perfect completion of the project, call us at 1300164595 during our office hours.