Construction of Pergola

What are Steps that Professionals Follow During Construction of Pergola?

When it comes to constructing pergolas, the professional builders take certain definite steps to come up with perfect solutions. The steps they take ensure that the pergolas they build not only have significant longevity, but they also add to the look and feel of the property. Here on this page, let us discuss the steps that the pergola builders take chronologically, to set up a pergola.

Setting Up the Posts and Fixing Them:

This is the first step that the pergola constructors in Sutherland Shire like anywhere else would take. Understandably, this is all about setting up the main posts and fixing them with the surface. Generally 6 posts are needed to set up a pergola, though it may vary depending upon the dimension of the pergola. They dig the holes with a depth of 24 to 48 inches and set up the poles that are 12 to 14 feet long and prop them up using braces temporarily. Now they will find the post holes and firmly tamp down the soil.

Aligning the Posts:

Now they will align the height of the poles and will cut off the excess portion to trim the poles to size. Again, the height that should be maintained will depend upon the height of ceiling that you want your pergola to have. However, to give the pergola roof its customary pyramidal shape, the heights have to be adjusted. This will give the roof a much sharper shape.

Fastening the Cross Beams

The next step involves fastening three to four cross beams across the posts that will act as the support. The height at which these cross beams will be installed will decide the elevation that the roof will enjoy. Here the pergola builders in Sutherland Shire need to conduct a calculation that will determine the structure and the angle of the roof it will have in respect to its base.

Making the Lap Joints

Next, the lap joints have to be shaped on the cross beams. To do this, the experts will cut the wood right at the place where it crossovers the posts. This is to ensure that the two sets of lumber perfectly match with each other creating perfect lap joints at the point of their cross over. Generally, the two pieces are joined by using galvanized carriage bolts that are inserted and secured through the holes.

Placing the Roof Board

Now they will place the roof board over the crossbeams. Here the pergola construction specialists in Sutherland Shire can make the roof attractive by decorating the edges of the roof. The roof boards are fastened to cross beams with 10 inch screws to add strength and stability.

Adding Lattice Panels

Once the roof has been set up in its place, you have the option of having lattice panels installed, which may act as the wall of the pergola. However, this is optional as you also have the liberty to keep the side open for more light and air.

Now that the basic construction is over, you may take the final steps to beautify the pergola as per your aesthetic preference. As a reputed pergola constructor builder, we at Leafylooks Landscapes Pty Ltd would follow these steps. Call us at 1300164595 for an appointment.