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You’re Doing It All Wrong – 5 Lawn Mowing Mistakes to Avoid

In sharp contrast to what many believe, mowing your lawn isn’t as simply as trimming the grass in whatever way you want! Other important things like preparing the lawn, identifying the right mowing patterns, cutting the grass in the right length, etc. all contribute to achieving a neat and inviting lawn.

To keep your lawn in tip-top shape, it is also imperative that you avoid committing common lawn mowing mistakes which most homeowners make.

Here’s a look into those 5 common lawn mowing mistakes which you need to avoid from now onwards.

Clipping the Grass Too Short

The next time to look to cut your lawn grass, remove only 1/3 of the grass blade. Cutting it too short makes it break down easily thus allowing its natural nitrogen to return to the soil. Excessive grass clipping it can also lead to stress on your lawn grass and inhibit its healthier growth.

So make it a habit of cutting only a small section of the grass blade. It will allow you to get a quality outdoor turf to enjoy with your dear ones.

Cutting When the Grass is Wet

Another mistake to avoid when mowing your lawn is cutting the grass when it’s wet. When the grass is wet, its blades stick on to each other making the cut uneven. Wet grass can even clog your mower making them mat on the grass turf which blocks the sunlight.

In most cases the mower blades will miss the matted down grass, which will only pop up later. And this can make your lawn appear very uneven and unattractive. Mowing a wet lawn also help spread tiny patches of fungus on to the grass and cause an infestation.

To avoid this, look to mow your lawn when it is dry. Not only will it allow you to achieve a uniform cut, but will also let you complete the task quickly.

Following the Same Monotonous Mowing Pattern All Year

Every homeowner has their own approach to lawn mowing. Continuing to follow the same monotonous mowing pattern throughout the year will allow you to either miss a patch or mow it twice. Also, mowing in the same approach can restrict proper grass growth.

So break this habit and vary your mowing patterns to encourage an even, healthy looking lawn.

Mowing With Dull Blades

Using a dull mower not only results in poor cutting quality, it also creates a potential entryway for diseases. So, keep the mower blades razor sharp and balanced to achieve a clean, quality cut. It will help you achieve a better looking lawn.

Lastly, Neglecting To Care for the Grass Roots

Most homeowners only care for parts of the lawn which is visible. They rarely care for the grass roots which is again a crucial aspect to achieving a healthier lawn. What you should do is take a portion of the soil and perform a soil analysis.

The analysis report will provide you a clear picture of its fertility. And depending on that you can determine the best type of fertiliser to use for round the year growth.

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